Branding & UI Design

Vendaberg is a music streaming service for retail & hospitality boasting the largest music catalogue in Europe. Vendaberg combines music with beacon technology to offer services to the market that hasn’t been done before.


Xvavier fought off fierce competition for Vendaberg by moving in a direction with style and substance developing their brand from dust. Looking at initial concepting through to naming, branding and designing the ui/ux for their website and platform.


What did Xvavier do? Brand Naming & Identity. Design. User Interface & User Experience Design.



Venda is a tribe originating out of the Great Lakes of Central Africa.


According to legend, the King could protect his people from attack from their enemies by beating a special drum called the Ngoma Lungundo. The sound of the drum would ripple through air and water striking terror in the hearts of the enemy causing them to flee.


Vendaberg’s vision is to make waves in the industry, both metaphorically and literally. Providing music, technology and data. To act as a vendor for its product and services.


Berg translates to mountain in German. By using this term with the initial “Venda”, it gives a sense of prestige, how this system is paramount to the industry, that it’s on a pedestal and a target of things which can be achieved.


The brands DNA should be recognisable, iconic, symbolic and give it’s users a sense of exclusivity and community.


Branding & UI Design